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Chairman's message

Today, our world communities are confronting the worst food crisis in 45 years. The World Bank estimates that 100 million people are falling deeper into poverty as prices for basic staples that feed the world ‐ wheat, rice, and corn ‐ have risen by a staggering 83%. The phrase "the silent tsunami" coined by the world food programme is drowned by the cry of starving children and whaling mothers.

Essential foods and sustainable energy is of primary concern to the Cedar group of companies. Alleviating community and economic growth through internal strengthening of management of natural resources is a primary template. This concept with amplified factoring of financial resources through customized commercial instruments will empower essential industries.

Our goal is to develop public private partnerships that have a macro view of integrated industries; escalating to effect basic human livelihood development. To be able to touch the very heart of humanities primary needs.

"The Global Crisis" is not something we have to be challenged to the extent of feeling powerless to do any thing about but a situation that can be handled if the right infrastructure and systems are in place.

Cedar Group of Companies extends to meet the above agenda.
Ranjit Seneviratne (Senny)
Chairman/CEO Cedar Group
Honorary Advisor to the Hon. Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in Sri Lanka