Managing Director’s message

The world’s institutions are moving towards a newly incorporated hybrid special purpose vehicle "PPP". The fabric of the public private world might be differently woven from country to country but the purpose behind an effective machine remains the same. It is a practical solution that has tremendously benefited developing nation’s delicate political, social and economic equilibrium.

Cedar group of companies' profiles and outlines harness fine tuned systems that go beyond the proto type in to practical implemented projects. The Aqua Culture out‐growers project has been one of Cedar’s Sri Lankan success stories.

Cedar is uniquely structured to implement and set up private or public projects with "Ready to wear" diligence all ready in place, imparting invaluable resources by way of expertise and financial products that can meet the needs of small out‐growers to larger private/public institutions.

We strive to add value where ever necessary bringing hope and transformation to communities that strive to come up higher; engaging key issues with pragmatic solutions that can change a nation’s course.

Fiona Wijegunaratne
Managing Director Cedar Group