Cedar Management and Marketing Services is the main holding company and is the central arm which links and co‐ordinates all the companies within the group. Mass producing aqua and marine products for export to the US and Europe. Increasing local food protein by mass producing and distribution of fish in turn reducing the cost living.
Cedar Asset Management primarily manages investment portfolios and renders solutions in supporting local financial institutions by way of marketing diversified commercial and financial products. Cedar AM. extends to international commodity markets via trading and value addition.
Cedar Power Generation offers energy solutions that are customized for clients individual requirements providing solutions that address environmental and economical resources. Alternate Energy that combats Global Warming is on our main agenda.
Cedar Construction & Engineering focuses on pioneering solutions in infrastructure development that implement environmental sustainability, an exciting area for engineers to work in, because the challenge is basically to create more for less.
Cedar Research and Development is the main platform on which all our projects are based. One of the company’s core competencies is its ability to generate new ideas and develop them into financially and environmentally viable projects. We are also in partnership with key institutions which are at the forefront of the field such as the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI) and the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.
Cedar Agri Biotics contributes to national food security through
the transfer of technologies to local farmers and out growers and harvesting own produce through sustainable agricultural systems