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The Millennium Project recommends that international donors should mobilize support for global scientific research and development to address special needs of the poor in areas of health, agriculture, natural resource and environmental management, energy, and climate. We estimate the total needs to rise to approximately $7 billion a year by 2015.

Today, the scientific community increasingly recognizes that environmental degradation is having a significant impact on human development. Notably, it is the poor who are disproportionately affected by the degradation of their land, air, water and biological resources, with many lacking access to clean and affordable water and energy services. Ensuring environmental sustainability and access to energy services is key to achieving all of the MillenniumDevelopment Goals (MDGs) – the eight goals that represent a global commitment to make rapid progress on key development issues.
Kemal Dervis
UNDP Administrator

Every day our ecosystems suffer further degradation and irreversible global environmental change threaten the hope of a brighter future for generations to come.

The world however now faces an unprecedented alignment around one common set of measurable goals, namely: the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These goals and the attainment thereof have become a universal focal point raising awareness and action in the hearts and minds of multilateral institutions, politicians, regional organizations, civil society and corporations all alike. A truly historic opportunity we cannot afford to miss – our chance to make a measurable difference.

The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and other global and regional studies have established beyond doubt the linkages between poverty, security and the environment. Achievement of the MDGs and eradication of poverty will not be possible without taking on the issue of environmental sustainability and without increased access to modern energy services.

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